Christopher Polk / Getty Images
Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Get out of bed early Wednesday morning if you want to witness something that happens in a blue moon. It's called the Super Blue Blood Moon and it'll happen early in the morning.

According to, the event happens every now and again, only once every two to three years when the timing and alignment of the sun, Earth and moon are just right, giving the moon a red shade, calling it a "Super Blue Blood Moon", and it is an lunar eclipses of sorts. And if the skies are mostly clear, we should be able to witness the eclipse here in Bismarck. The reason for the term 'blue' is that, this event happens so seldom. Don't look for blue in the moon, you'll only see a red shade.

Here is the timing for you, so you can set your alarm, have the coffee ready and your mittens, being it'll be cold and windy.

The effect will be visible starting just before 5 a.m. and peaking around 6:50 a.m.

You should notice the moon, which should appear about 20 percent larger and 15 percent brighter than usual.

Please, share your pictures with us!

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