The Minnesota Vikings sat virtually all starters on both sides of the ball and lost to the Chicago Bears 21-19 yesterday in Minneapolis.  The Vikes had nothing to play for as they were already locked into the #6 seed.

The game was filled with miscues, interceptions, fumbles and stupid penalties, that certainly mirrored a pre-season game.

I decided to go Pheasant hunting instead of watching this "make shift" Vikings team play another non playoff team.  Even hunting in a storm was better than watching that.  Can you imagine if  you would've made plans before the season started and bought tickets to this game?  Dropping all that money to watch a bunch of back up's?  Pretty sure I would've demanded my money back.

The Vikings now enter the playoffs on a two game losing streak with a QB who has never won a playoff game and a banged up running back.  (Trying to remain Positive)

Something else that's hard to stomach as a life long Minnesota Vikings fan is the Vikings went 0-4 against Chicago and Green Bay and still made the playoffs.  That seems very unlikely if you think about it.

The Vikings will now meet the Saints in New Orleans on this Sunday at 12 noon.  Can you say "one and done?"

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