We talk a little bit funny in North Dakota...More than most folks.

It's a combination of our German and Scandinavian dialects.  I remember the first time I met somebody from Strasburg, North Dakota back in college.  He also had aspirations of becoming a DJ. He told me all about his hometown and things like Fleischkuechle, Kuchen, and the Lawrence Welk Highway.  All with a very, very strong German accent.

For somebody who grew up on the eastern side of North Dakota, this all seemed like a different world to me as I had no idea what the heck Fleishchkuechle or Kuchen were.  It sounded made up to me.  Not to mention Lawrence Welk was something I prayed my parents wouldn't make me watch.

I guess I was used to more of the Scandinavian customs and foods growing up in Grand Forks.

It was more about Lefse, Lutefisk, and hotdish in eastern North Dakota and lots of "You betcha's".  By the way, Lutefisk is so gross, that it shouldn't even be served to a dog.  Lutefisk is commonly served on Christmas Eve, and your parents of course could use it against their kids.  "Eat everything on your plate or no Christmas presents."  What a cruel thing to do right?

Yep, we talk a little bit funny and have some phrases and words we say in North Dakota that other people just don't understand.

I sat down with our staff of mostly lifelong North Dakotans like myself, and we came up with a list of 10 North Dakota phrases that would stump out of staters.  "Ya fer sure".  Enjoy!

10 North Dakota Phrases That Would Stump Out Of Staters

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