From time to time, we feature two animals in Critter Corner and this week, we have two great dogs we'd like to see go as a pair.

They have helped each other so much while at the Central Dakota Humane Society, and we feel it would help both of them to go together as a pair to one great home.

First, say hello to Caleb who is a neutered male mix-breed, born approximately in March of 2007 and is an owner surrendered dog. Caleb is a happy guy but he does get nervous around children and suffers from anxiety when it comes to learning new things. You'll have to be patient with Caleb.

His friend Yuki has helped him to be calmer. Yuki is a spayed female, German Shepherd mix and was born approximately November of 2014 and is a rescue. She too is a sweet-heart and is also nervous around kids. Caleb has helped Yuki come out of her shy shell.

The more patients you have with both Caleb and Yuki can only mean happy times for all of you.

Both Caleb and Yuki really need each other and will learn so much from you with your love and patients.

You can get more information on Yuki and Caleb and all of the dogs and cats looking for loving home from the Central Dakota Humane Society.

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