You're going to love these two kittens in Critter Corner from the Central Dakota Humane Society.

Say hello to Ellie and Annie. These sisters have been with each other since birth and rely on each other, therefore, we'd love to see them go as a pair to one loving home.

They are both calicoes and females, and they were born in February of this year.

Both Annie and Ellie love playtime and are just as curious as kittens can be.

Being young kittens, they are very curious and love to play with each other. Both kittens would do the best growing up together, being as they were always helping each other since birth.

You can get the adoption process from the CDHS and you can stop in and see all of the dogs and cats looking for loving homes.

Central Dakota Humane Society is the areas NO KILL SHELTER.

To view all of the animals needing homes from CDHS click here.



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