My fiance and I picked up lunch from Nardello's yesterday afternoon. Attached to the pizza box, there was a card with a picture of kittens and a note that said our purchase helped save a furry life! I was pleasantly surprised to learn that stuffing my face with pepperoni pizza and garlic knots was benefiting all the local homeless animals that I can't have at my apartment.

All this week, you can eat delicious, local Italian food and help local shelter pets. From September 14 - September 20, Nardello's is donating a portion of their sales to Furry Friends Rockin' Rescue (FFRR). A post on Nardello's Facebook page says that $2 of every delivery and $1 from all other transactions will go to FFRR.

You may have heard of Furry Friends Rockin' Rescue in Bismarck. According to their website, the nonprofit (founded in 2015), "The rescue was founded to alleviate overcrowding and unnecessary euthanization within an impound." The organization is entirely volunteer based, so they rely on the community to operate. You can get details about everything from volunteering, to fostering, to adoption with Furry Friends Rockin' Rescue here.

Before I rescued my cat, I never had a shelter pet. From now on, when I decide to expand my fur kid family, I will definitely look to a shelter to find my pets. My chunky little street cat, Raspy, is the best fur-ball there ever was. You would think a cat who was thrown (along with his sister) from a moving vehicle onto a busy street would harbor a little resentment for all humans. But he lives, loves, and plays like he has never experienced any trauma in life.

Even if adoption isn't an option for you, there are many ways you can help homeless pets and places like FFRR! Find out how you can help here.

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