The Central Dakota Humane Society is an animal rescue, shelter, and adoption center.  Located north of Mandan they've been serving the region for decades. My daughter started working there when she was 14 years old.  Since she was so young, I had to bring her to the State Capitol to get a work permit.  One of the first questions about the job was "Do the animals bite?"


I'd say if you've been through some of the hell these strays and surrenders have experienced, you might want to put the chomp on someone.

But honestly, most of the cats and dogs at CDHS are way more like this...

Paul Erickson
Paul Erickson

That's a credit to the fantastic and loving crew that cares for these critters.  Employees and volunteers are doing incredible things every day at their location north of Mandan. But they need our help.

They always need our help.

That perpetual perseverance is what makes all these rescue operations so darn special. The light at the end of the tunnel is only achieved one permanent home at a time.  There's always the next animal up.

The Annual Shaggy Shuffle Fundraiser is Tuesday, June 21st in Sertoma Park.

It's the same event that used to take place in the early fall starting at the State Capitol. I'm hoping the switch of seasons and change of location will get folks motivated to give generously.  Come on out and bring the family!  Plus you can see plenty of up-for-adoption candidates up close and personal. Here's everything that's going on...

The Central Dakota Humane Society is holding its annual Shaggy Shuffle walk and fun day at Sertoma Park, Shelters 6 & 7 on Tuesday, June 21. Sign-up and activities begin at 5 pm with the walk beginning at 7 pm.

 Activities include dog agility demonstrations, dog toenail trimming, dog trainer consultations, pet contests, pet-lover silent auction, treat tossing photos, photobooth photos with your pet, and pet-related vendor booths.

Walkers who register for $30 will be entered for a chance at prizes and those who register for $50 will also earn their choice of t-shirt. Prizes include:

§  Stonehome Brewing Rooftop Fourth of July Package

§  Bismarck Larks Package

§  Cornhole Game from Infinity WoodWorks

§  Big Dog Lazy Day Package

§  Little Dog/Big Attitude Walk in the Park Package

 Walkers can pre-register online at or through the CDHS website at

 “Shaggy Shuffle has a whole new look this year, but the goal remains – to raise money to help care for the pets at the CDHS shelter until they find their new, loving homes,” said Cameo Skager, CDHS Communications Director. “Anyone can come and walk, even if you don’t have a pet. Bring the kids, bring your friends – eat, have some fun, join us to help CDHS rescue more animals.”

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