Apparently there is a horror movie unfolding along I-94. The National Weather Service issued a rather unusual warning yesterday (Thursday, May 11th).

Watch where you walk, worms are wiggling! Yes, it is a WORM WARNING.

Note: I hesitate to admit, that I wasn't sure if a worm was an insect or not; I looked it up and learned they are invertebrate animals, as per So, the answer is no, I am not smarter than a 5th grader.

The Tweet

I noticed worms on my back patio just this afternoon, so when I saw this, I had to giggle.

With all the snow clearing and rain we've been getting, it's not too surprising to see that bugs, bird, and yes, even worms are out on the prowl.

Keep in mind there is no real danger with this, so go about your normal business without concern. Looking in the comment section of the tweet, the weather service explained the organization just wanted to "Lighten the mood."


Can we just take a second and appreciate the mention of the smell. I'm not sure I've ever whiffed a worm, but I'm inclined to believe it's not an odor I want up my nostrils.



North Dakota Worm Weather Impact?

These are certainly signs of spring!

With all of the rain, if we aren't already, I'm sure we will see something very similar in Bismarck-Mandan, so try not to squish the little guys.

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!

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