I was driving home earlier this week and a line of cars caught my eye in the Kirkwood Mall Parking lot.  They were all lined up behind a big truck with a big red sign on it.  "20 Premium Ribeyes for $39 dollars."

If you've been to the grocery store in the last several months, you know how great of a deal that sounds.  I can't even afford to look at steak anymore at the grocery store as prices are through the roof like everything else.

So, I figured there had to be a catch right?  These steaks are like 4 oz and the size of a hockey puck.  Today at lunch I decided to check it out for myself and see if it really is too good to be true?

I learned a long time ago if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.  With that in mind, I had low expectations as I got in line for some cheap steak.  Well, I wasn't far off on the 4 oz steak.  It's actually a 4.5 oz steak you get in the 20 Ribeyes for $39 dollars.  According to my trips to the grocery store of late, ribeye is going anywhere from $13 to $15 dollars a pound.  There are 16 ounces in a pound, so 4 of those ribeyes should cost you around $18 dollars at the grocery store.  20 steaks at the grocery store that size should run you around $80 to $90 dollars if my math is correct.  You can see the thickness of the steaks in the picture below.

Rick Rider
Rick Rider


Overall, it's a pretty good deal for the price.  However, labeling the ribeyes as "premium" is a little deceiving in my mind.  I'm thinking of thick-cut steaks when I see the word premium.  Maybe after I cook them up I might feel otherwise.  You can also buy other cuts of steak, chicken, and seafood at the truck.

You can also expect a lot of "upselling" when you reach the front of the line.  They are salesman for sure, but again, that's to be expected.

Is it all worth it?  I guess we'll find out when I fire up the grill this weekend.

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