I'm sorry, I'm over summer already. 

Triple digit heat makes it almost to hot to even go outside, unless you are on a sandbar somewhere.  No rain and no Thunderstorms.  Thunderstorms are one of my favorite things about summer.  We've barely had anything this summer and same with last summer.  You have to go back to the summer of 19 the last time we had thunderstorms consistently.  That is a major disappointment for me.

To hot to do yard work, (I mowed my weeds yesterday) the grass isn't growing, so you have to mow the weeds every once and awhile.  Forget about trying to work on anything in the garage, as it's like a sauna in there.  Basically add 10 to 15 degrees to whatever the current temperature is, and that's the temp of your garage.  To hot to go fishing.  That's right, fishing in 90 plus degree heat gets to be a little to much for me.  Going for a walk in the evening is about the only thing I'm doing outdoors these days, until this heat dome break.

That got me thinking about 10 things to look forward to this fall and the cooler weather.

I grabbed a pen and paper, and here's what I came up with.

10 Things about Fall To Look Forward to in North Dakota



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