How do you feel about the North Dakota State Capitol when it comes to eye candy?  I guess I've never heard people complain about it?  It's never really seemed like an eyesore to me before, but maybe I'm wrong?

Not one, but two sources take issue with the architecture of the skyscraper on the prairie in Bismarck.  According to an article on thrilllist, they call the North Dakota State Capitol Building "baldly bureaucratic."  The building was designed by Joseph Bell DeRemer and W.F. Kurke. Another architect in the article says the North Dakota State Capitol building “just really suffers from a confusion of scale.”  So, it sounds like people in thrilllist are on the fence on this one?

It's not only thrilllist that takes issue with our Capitol building.  There's a TikTok video that ranks the North Dakota State Capitol building the worst of the worst.  That's right the UGLIEST State Capitol building in America.  We are number 50!  The TikTok video claims it looks like one of the buildings in the Hunger Games.  YIKES!

Here's that scathing TikTok video.

@coca1nejesusCongrats to North Dakota for securing last place wouldn’t expect anything less! Stay tuned for part 2 ##states ##newmexico ##tennessee ##northdakota♬ original sound - Rosemary

Tough crowd right? I guess I never realized our state capitol building offended so many people.  That our building is such a dumpster fire.   I mean give us a break, it was built a long time ago.  According to the Secretary of State of North Dakota, the state Capitol building was built in 1935 after a fire destroyed the original building in 1930.

Oh well, you can't please everybody.  Especially on TikTok.



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