The one secret most people don't realize about North Dakota, we enjoy 4 very distinct seasons. We're known for our winters, but what about the other seasons.

loading... recently ranked every state, from worst to best for their summer.

I think we'd all agree, our summers in North Dakota are nice, and they never seem to last long enough. Believe it or not, there are many people that love the winters. They love activates and the sports that the winter season brings. Hunting, football, ice fishing and snowboarding.

With summer, we have the river, mosquitos, festivals and fairs.

Thrillist ranked the worst states for summer Mississippi (50), Louisiana and Arizona at the bottom of the list.

The top states for summer are Washington (1), Minnesota and Rhode Island.

The Peace Garden State ranked in near the middle of the pack at # 18. That's alright, we like it that way!

Let's keep our secret, a secret!

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