USA Today released the word that each state misspells the most.

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This week is the National Spelling Bee and for some reason that is beyond my believe, I can not understand why many people treat this yearly activity with so much excitement.

And believe me, as I write this story, I know that many of you have already pointed out some of my misspellings in various stories I have written, although, it's easy to be where you are, and point out my shortcomings, I digress.

So, in honor of the National Spelling Bee Championship, USA Today released the word that is misspelled the most in every state.

Even though Minnesota is a beautiful state, they have a difficult time spelling the word beautiful.

Pneumonia is a word that Maine, Michigan, and Illinois have a hard time spelling correctly. West Virginia can't spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, but so does Connecticut.

North Dakota has a difficult spelling dilemma. 

You can see the entire list here.





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