Wall St. 24/7 released their survey on the states that spend the most and the least on lottery tickets. Seems everyone dreams of hitting it rich on the lottery, but state residents vary on how much they spend on the games.

Kena Betancur / Getty
Kena Betancur / Getty

For example, for whatever reason, North Dakota does not offer scratch off lottery tickets. From what I hear, in order to get scratch off games available, this  must be passed by the legislature. Personally speaking, I like the instant satisfaction of winning or losing QUICK!

Wall St. 24/7 released a ranking of the states who spend the most and the least in lotto games. It should come as no surprise, the smaller states, with least population are the states who play or spend the least amount of money on lotto games.

With this fact, it should come as no surprise, North Dakota ranks 44th, as the state that spends the least on the lottery. The breakdown for North Dakota is

Lottery spending per adult: $44.11
Total lottery ticket sales: $26 million (the least, #44)
Adult population: 756,928
Median household income: $60,557 (9th highest)
Prizes won per adult: $23.86 (the least, #44)

Compare that to the highest state, Massachusetts. The stats for this state are

And, I am still waiting to win my big jackpot!

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