Seems like we always want to know where the money is at, and the Insider recently released the richest and poorest zip code in every state.

Many will not see this to be important, but you have to admit, it does perk your curiosity.

Where are the richest and poorest zip codes are located in North Dakota? reviewed the stats from the real estate site Trulia and data from 2012-2016 United States Census Bureau. From there, Insider crunched the numbers from the richest and poorest zip codes with populations over 1000, based on household incomes.

The richest zip code in North Dakota is in Horace, Wild Rice, Hickson, Saint Benedict, Oxbow. Zip Code 58047, with a population of over 3000 and an average annual income of $106,250.

The poorest zip code in North Dakota is Fort Totten, which includes the area of Fort Totten with an annual income of $24,211 and a population of just under 2000.

You can see the entire list from every state here.



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