24/7 Wall Street did some number crunching to figure out the poorest town in every state.

Spencer Platt / Getty Images
Spencer Platt / Getty Images

The term poor, is relative. What I may consider poor, could be determined as another person’s riches, so we need to take this survey with a grain of salt.

To determine the poor town in every state, 24/7 Wall St. looked at the median incomes in every town. These towns had a population between 1000 and 25,000, from the US Census Bureau. They also looked at education and poverty rates for every town.

With that said, it was determined, the poorest town in North Dakota was Minot. Minot has an economy that is largely influenced by the Minot Air Force Base, and the Canadian border town fared much better than other towns, listed as the poorest rankings. 9% of the residents live in poverty (compared to Commerce, OK, where more than 30% of their population live in poverty). The national poverty rate is 15.5%.

Minot is a vibrant town and is home to the Fair Grounds, The North Dakota State Fair and Host Fest, and has recovered nicely from the floods.

You can see the complete list here.

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