Since the down-tick in the oil industry in North Dakota, so has there been a downtick in the cost of rental prices throughout the state.


Remember a few years back, landlords and rental properties HATED pets or charged you an outrageous pet fee? Now that there are an overabundant of housing available, all of sudden, properties now LOVE Fido and some places even feature pet parks on their property and make it welcoming for our four-legged family members. Face it, in the Bismarck-Mandan area, there are many vacancies making it a renters market.

We turn to to see what an average monthly rental fee of $1500 a month will get you in every state.

For North Dakota, the states ranks #33 for rental prices across the nation. For $1500, you’ll pay an average price of $1.10 per square foot and will get you a little less than 1500 square feet of living space. While some places do not offer a washer and dryer, more than 71% of available listings do offer a washer and dryer in the unit.

For instance, you can rent just over 1,570 square feet in a three-bedroom, one-bath apartment at Coulee Ridge in North Bismarck for $1,500 per month. You'll enjoy amenities such as underground parking, a dishwasher and washers and dryers in some units. Stay in shape with a fitness center, dog park and community center.

This is a way different from the prices during the oil boom is 2013.

The most expensive state that offers way less for $1500 a month is Hawaii, where you’ll get about 765 square feet of living space @ $1.96 per square foot. The cheapest is Arkansas, you’ll pay about .63 cents per square foot for about 2,389 square feet of living space.

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