Every year when this list is published, I always have the same thought, the word 'poor' is subjective, what I think is poor, you may not have the same idea.

Regardless, 24/7 Wall St. published the annual list of the poorest town in every state. And the methodology used to make this determination, is they studies the median  household income on an annual basis in every American town to identify the poorest town in each state.

In every state, you have counties where the household income drops below the state and national incomes. This could be due to various reason including sparse job opportunities and options or low educational opportunities to advance the population's skills.

The poorest town in North Dakota is Ellendale with an annual income of near $42,000 a year. When you compare this annual salary to other states, it doesn't look too bad. In Mississippi, the poorest town has an annual income of just at $40,000.

Williston is the richest town in North Dakota with an average annual salary of $90,000.



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