When you think about all of the great things and the natural beauty from the Peace Garden State, it would be difficult to narrow it down to just one item we love the most, as we enjoy some of the best quality a state has to offer.

When it comes to inventions that come from North Dakota, one item the rest of the nation enjoys, what would it be?

We turn to Readers Digest for their list of the most famous invention from every state. When I discovered the item for North Dakota, I was excited because it is a food I grew up on and have always enjoyed.

If you would look in my pantry right now, I have a box of this food.

The item from North Dakota listed as our most famous invention is Cream of Wheat.

It started in Grand Forks in 1889 when George Bull bought a mill and needed to keep the business afloat during the Panic of 1893, his crew came up with the idea of cooking the whitest part of the wheat, and the product took off and we now have Cream of Wheat.

While some people enjoy grits, (I'm from the South) grits is a bit too gritty for me. I grew up eating Cream of Wheat and through the years have added a little touch of my own ingredients such as cheese or bacon or ham to make it the perfect dish.

For as many years as I enjoyed Cream of Wheat, I had no idea it was discovered in North Dakota.

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