Kenny Wallace was racing this past weekend 7-31-20 to 8-1-20 on the high banks of Dacotah Speedway. Kenny did alright Friday night and it was really a great opportunity to watch him race. I've been a Nascar fan for many years and it was awesome watching him race back then and it was really cool to see him race in person at the local track here in Mandan, ND. 

I went into the pits after the races and got to see Kenny's car and he was sitting on the front tire talking to everyone that came by. He was telling story’s and making people laugh and was great to see. He didn't have to stay after the race but I could tell he's a people person and really loved just sitting there chatting with everyone. It's not every day that we get a current or retired Nascar driver in the Bismarck-Mandan area. I hope Kenny desides in the future to come back to Mandan, ND and race again.

Kenny Wallace did a meet and greet on Friday at the Stage Stop in Mandan, ND. He did another meet and greet on Saturday 8/1/20 at Bennigan's in Mandan. I got the opportunity to meet him on Saturday at Bennigan's, and it was a great experience. enny had a chair beside him to talk to everyone and spent a decent amount of time with everyone that came by. He was really gracious with his time and was really a down to earth kind of guy. 


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