What's the creepiest thing you have ever heard?

Well since it's almost Halloween, let's get ourselves in the scary mode. I would guess you may have heard a ton of sayings in your life that give you the chills. Whether it's a scream from some idiot hanging out in the woods ('Blair Witch' movie) or a little girl in the movie 'Poltergeist', "They're Here".

In Minnesota early this morning, the HORROR began

You might as well say "It's Here", yep the scariest of all times, when the snow first comes out to play. According to bringmethenews,  "A chill hit northeast Minnesota over night, with cities along the North Shore and into the Iron Range reporting temps as low as 26 degrees Friday morning. And Duluth-area residents woke up to the first flakes of the season"

SO, what's so scary about that?

Well listen, personally I love it when it snows, I still get excited for when it comes. I also know I'm not a native of North Dakota, so most people tell me to curb my enthusiasm. I have been out here almost 8 years though, and I have learned to respect the winter for all its power and strength (but I still think it is one of the coolest things to watch the snowfall :) ) Those that know me just put up with my glee, and shudder when they think of the days to come when shoveling snow becomes routine.

When will Bismarck/Mandan get our first white visit?

Who knows? Maybe tomorrow, or like a thief in the night, it could make its first appearance.

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