The Dakota Tackle's bobber sign is iconic on the Bismarck Expressway.

Long before I even moved to Bismarck, I would make a point to stop at this mom-and-pop tackle store for their BIG selection of tackle.  They really do have a wide array of tackle and other fishing equipment that's not easily found in our area.

I first found out about Dakota Tackle going up for sale a couple of years back.

As a customer of Dakota Tackle, I approached the owner about the possibility of being an influencer for them on the radio.  He said he loved the concept except for one problem.  He was putting his business up for sale.  Not long after, for sale signs were erected outside the building

Since then, Dakota Tackle has been up for sale now for going on a couple of years.

It was then announced on a post on the Dakota Tackle Facebook page recently, that the business is no longer for sale.  Instead, it looked like Dakota Tackle intended to close permanently, as they were liquidating everything in the store.

Now, we know the EXACT date of closure for Dakota Tackle.

This was a post on Dakota Tackle's Facebook page on Thursday.  Dakota Tackle's last day of operation will be Saturday, December 16th.  As you can see by the post, they will be trying to get rid of everything in the store with just about everything at 75% off.  If you have a fisherman on your Christmas list, I would definitely troll on in.

I know a lot of fishermen like me will be sad to see Dakota Tackle go.  They really do have a lot of hard-to-find fishing gear that you just don't see in other places. We wish them the best.

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