Have you ever thought about camping naked? 

I mean, after all, it won't be long and summertime weather will be here to stay (we hope anyway).  All I can think of is frying up some fish by the campfire and hot grease splattering on my privates.

Another epic fail would be fishing while naked. 

Sorry, I don't want some fish flapping around the boat as I try to get a crankbait out of his mouth and it ends up flying somewhere I would've normally had clothes on.  Not to mention there's good naked and bad naked, and I'm pretty sure I fall under the latter.

So, naked camping isn't a thing for me, but it might be for you.  However, North Dakota has ZERO campgrounds that cater to those who like to share their bodies with the whole world.  However, if you're willing to do a little road trip, I've got a couple of places where you can bare it all.

Just a short 6-hour drive from Bismarck is the Avatan Nudest Campground

They're located just north of Minneapolis.  I LOVE their slogan, "Get a whole NUDE attitude."  That rocks!  The facility looks nice with a pool, a kiddie pool (you bring your kids to this kind of place???) hot tub, horseshoes, sand volleyball, pickleball, and more.  Their website says they're not accepting "single males" at this time.

The other place to "get your freak on naked camping" would be a place called 2 Creeks. 

It bills itself as a "clothing-optional campground."  This campground is open to all lifestyles and both singles and couples.  This campground is also located north of Minneapolis.

Naked camping.  Not my thing, but it might be yours.  I guess it would make it easier to check for ticks.

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