More 2020 disappointment.  "The Big One Art & Craft Fair" in Bismarck, that was scheduled for November 20th and November 21st has been cancelled.  The Minot show has also been cancelled, that was scheduled for this weekend, November 6th and November 7th.

According to a press release from The Big One Art & Craft Fair, "We are heartbroken to announce the cancellation of both our Minot and Bismarck shows."  The Big One Art & Craft Fair also mentioned this, "We received information late yesterday from a very reliable source that there are discussions in the works that a mandate could happen that would prevent events like this to happen."  The organizers are also concerned this mandate could happen with little or no advanced notice.  Rather than continuing on with the events, knowing they could be shut down, they felt they had no other choice to cancel.

The Big One Art & Craft Fair is also a fundraiser for several organizations, including Bismarck Demon hockey, who takes tickets for the event to raise money for their hockey program.  Yet another blow to fundraising efforts for many organizations.  Is 2020 over with yet?

There is some hope for a possible virtual craft event in the near future.  That is something The Big One Art & Craft Fair is hoping to do for the exhibitors who were signed up to participate in their 2020 shows.

The Big One Art & Craft Fair is looking forward to 2021.  They have their tentative show schedule set for November 19th and November 20th set for Bismarck.  All 2021 show applications for Fall/Christmas shows will be available on December 1st.


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