Readers Digest published a list of state gifts from every state. Sometimes, you want to send a little bit of home to a relative for the season.

Adam Berry / Getty Images
Adam Berry / Getty Images


I'm not sure if RD got this right though. The best gift, according to RD is the box set of the motion picture Fargo. Which was mostly filmed in Minnesota. Really? I know you can do better than that!

I have a better idea. If you want to send a little piece of North Dakota to a loved one, try shopping on line at Pride of Dakota.

There you will find some of the best North Dakota has to offer. Everything from popcorn to seasoning, to jellies and jams, made here in the state.

Many of the Pride of Dakota gifts, you can purchase on line and from there, ship to your loved one.

Surely, your relative would enjoy the delicious offering from the Pride of Dakota website, compared to the box set of Fargo.

You can forget about the box set of fargo, unless, you really don't care about that person, then by all means, send the box set.


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