I'm pretty sure our Lord and Savior would not approve of the following behavior at one of his services.

We may not technically be in the "bible belt" here in North Dakota but I would say we take our religion pretty seriously here.  I believe that most North Dakotans are God-fearing individuals and Sundays mean church time.

As I was listening to the sermon yesterday during an Easter service, my mind began to wander as I was listening to the kids act up in the row behind us.  It got me thinking about all the unruly behavior I have witnessed at North Dakota churches over the years.

Don't get me wrong, I'm far from an angel.  I'm definitely guilty of at least a few of the not-so-holy behavior scenarios I'm about to share with you.

One time my son acted up so badly at church that even our pastor commented about it during the service.

I was mortified.  He started crying, and I tried to settle him down and it wasn't long before he was screaming bloody murder.  As I carried him towards the outside of the sanctuary, the pastor called me out by name and told me "You might want to check his diaper", again, I was mortified.

That incident wasn't anything I had control of, but I'm probably guilty of a thing or two that I did have control of.  You know, like peaking at your phone, trying to get my brother to break out laughing during a service, and a few other things I shouldn't have done.

Oh well, I'm pretty sure the Lord does have a sense of humor.  At least I hope he does.

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