When I first saw this roadside stand, the memories from 2001 just came flooding back.  Remember when George W. Busch snuck out that election win from Al Gore?  Gore might have lost the election, but that didn't stop his supporters from lining the streets to sell some of that sweet Al Gore swag.

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Admittedly, Gore swag sales numbers were pretty soft in North Dakota.  Microscopic some might say.  Dangling by a chad perhaps.

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Now twenty years later, an entirely different defeated presidential candidate is doing pretty brisk swag sales, not just in North Dakota, but all across the nation.

Let's meet Lee...

Lee's the friendly fellow that's manning the roadside Trump swag stand on the strip in Mandan. He travels across the country providing joy and hope to those still a little upset about what happened last November.

There's flag swag for the ladies too.  Lee's got some nifty items. When I told him I'd write up a story and maybe increase sales today- the guy couldn't stop smiling!

Actually he struck me as a fairly serious fella.

It wasn't all flags...there's cool t-shirts and assorted apparel. My favorite is the "Keep On Trumpin'" shirt.

Did you see where they have kids t-shirts that say "I wish I was old enough to vote for Trump".  So cute!

There's a bunch of other pro-Trump trinkets on the tables.

Thoughtful gift ideas to turn those MAGA frowns upside down.

Lee's set up on the strip next to the Cenex and across from Krolls. Don't wait to shop because after Sunday, Lee's packing up the stand and heading cross country hoping to heal even more bigly broken hearts.

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