Josh Duhamel continues to be the spokesperson for North Dakota tourism, but he is now a cheerleader for Taco Bell's newest menu item.

Jan. 25 was officially the first day that Nacho Fries became a part of Taco Bell's menu. Various options are available but the cheapest option is just $1.

The taco chain has chose Josh Duhamel to be its spokesperson. In the video above, you see Duhamel star in a trailer-style commercial in what Taco Bell calls "Web of Fries" an obvious play on "Web of Lies."

In the minute-and-a-half spot, a girl playing the role of Duhamel's daughter states she wants fries before the mother interjects and says that, "Taco Bell doesn't have fries."

Duhamel then goes on to try and figure out why the taco franchise does not serve fries, before discovering that the fries do exist, but for some reason they are not offered in the restaurants.

It is implied that standard burger chains are the reason why Taco Bell is forced into not serving the fries and that's basically where the trailer ends.

But we know how the movie ends… because Taco Bell now has the Nacho Fries. Obviously the burger joints did a poor job of keeping the fries away from the public.

Taco Bell also provides a behind the scenes with Duhamel which you can see below.

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