Do you have a "doomsday" place in the woods somewhere?

A place where you and your family could wait out an apocalypse of some kind?  North Dakota seems like a good place to go, providing it's not a nuclear war.  We all know if a nuclear war broke out, there wouldn't be much left of our state.  If you need a refresher, here's that FEMA map showing how much of North Dakota would be blown to smithereens.

In a non-nuclear situation, North Dakota could be a pretty good place to hide out.

An invading army might not even feel North Dakota is worth its time.  If our country went to hell with a civil uprising, again you would think North Dakota would be a safe place to be.

Well, one Hollywood type and his family are preparing for the worst in North Dakota.

According to Men's Journal, this Hollywood icon has already purchased a couple of primitive cabins in the woods and is building his own little compound.  The cabins when he bought them didn't have running water or electricity and were overrun with mice.

Since then, the doomsday transformation has taken place.  Both cabins now have electricity and well water.  They sit on 54 acres and one of the cabins is on the water.  This Hollywood actor who was born and raised in North Dakota feels his family could live there off the land indefinitely.  He's even growing crops and plans to take up hunting.

This resourceful doomsday prepper I'm referring to is none other than beloved actor Josh Duhamel.

The article doesn't say where in North Dakota this little retreat is located, but I have a guess from the looks of one of his Instagram posts.

To me, it looks like the Turtle Mountains. This would make sense since Josh Duhamel grew up not that far from there in Minot.

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