Audra Duhamel shared some touching photos on Facebook and Instagram over the weekend.

She was showing off her baby bump.  Yep, baby Duhamel is beginning to show, and here's a first look so you can see for yourself.

What an exciting time for our favorite celebrity couple from North Dakota.

The Fargo Davies graduate and former beauty queen from North Dakota is certainly glowing.  Audra also shared this photo on her Facebook page.  A very touching photo of her husband Josh Duhamel cradling her stomach.

Audra Duhamel Facebook Page
Audra Duhamel Facebook Page

The Duhamels announced recently they will be moving from Hollywood back to North Dakota.  Josh wants to get back to his roots and out of the California craziness.  Obviously, North Dakota is certainly a better place to raise their child than Hollywierd.  You can read all about that here.

Josh Duhamel of course is an influencer for North Dakota Tourism.

He has a new North Dakota commercial coming out soon and some of it was filmed on the Missouri River right here in Bismarck.

Duhamel has been criticized by some saying that he only does commercials for the state of North Dakota for the money.  I guess you can say he's putting his money where his mouth is because he's now moving back to his home state.  That should silence the "ney sayers."  On second thought it probably won't, trolls will be trolls.

We once again congratulate the Duhamels and thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures.

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