The heat is on with no relief in sight.

Depending on what weather service you look at, we could be near triple digits for another week or so.  The heat will no doubt put more stress on the corn and bean crops in North Dakota.  Ranchers are scrambling to find hay for their cattle.  Not to mention the impact on wildlife across the state.  Ponds are drying up by the second, as the prairie is seeing a drought like many have never seen before.

Yesterday we topped off at 103 degrees in Bismarck. 

I decided to take a look around the rest of the country at 5 pm yesterday, to see how we compare with some of the other warm weather hot beds around the country. I was surprised to see that Bismarck was warmer than all of them.

Bismarck's 103 degrees was warmer than the following: 

Miami, Florida was at only 88.  Phoenix, Arizona was a scorching hot 102, but not warmer than Bismarck.  Bakersfield, California also checked in at 102.  Tampa, Florida had nothing on us at 88 degrees.  Dallas, Texas was almost chilly at 82.  Hot-lanta or Atlanta, Georgia was only 81.  Las Vegas, Nevada was at 93 degrees in the desert.  Riverside, California was at 99.  Los Angles, California was a very comfortable 84.  New Orleans, Louisiana in the heart of Dixie and all that humidity was only 87 degrees.

Again, no relief in sight for us in North Dakota.  The next time we see temperatures below 90 degrees looks like late next week.  There's also virtually no chance of any significant precipitation for the rest of July.  I sure hope your air conditioning is working.

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