According to a new survey, the top three food items at Super Bowl parties this year will be pizza, wings and #1...chips and dip.  However, in my household the dip is replaced by "sauce".  Village Hot Sauce to be exact, made in my hometown, good ol' Grand Forks, ND.

I have to admit before I moved here, I consulted several of my friends to make sure they do indeed carry Village Hot Sauce here in Bismarck.  Thankfully, all of the Capital City  grocery stores have it in stock.  That literally could've been a deal breaker for me moving to Bismarck, if it was not available.

How popular is Village Hot Sauce?  They even had to start carrying it in the Twin Cities due to popular demand.  Both my sister and mother live in the Minneapolis area and stock up weekly like myself. Target and the majority of other grocery stores now carry Village Hot Sauce.

Besides chips, Village Hot Sauce is great with or on other food items like...Burgers, fries and even salads.  I can literally drink it.  No lie.

So where can you get Village Hot Sauce in Bismarck Mandan?  Walmart is always stocked up, Target, Cash Wise and Dan's all have it.  I wish the CC stores had like in Grand Forks, but maybe someday.  Try it at your Super Bowl party this weekend, you'll be glad you did!


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