If Montana uses the least vacation days in the country, how does North Dakota compare?

Project Time Off recently published the results of a study which ranks the states that use the most and the least of their PTO, or paid time off. In other words, your vacation! If you consider the fact, PTO is the time you earned and deserve from the hours you worked. If you don't use the time, depending on your companies policy, you could lose the accumulated time which is basically leaving money on the table. There are some companies which let you carry over part or all of your accumulated time off into the following year. In some cases, if you don't use it, you lose it and your employer will not complain about that!

As the vacation season is winding down and the start of the school year is on everybody's mind, how much vacation time did you use or lose this summer?

Project Time Off recently revealed the states that use the most and least of their PTO. Montana ranks #1 for using the least of their time off. Other states where workaholics reside include Delaware and Rhode Island with an average of 16.5 days used a year on vacation.

The top states who use all or most of their vacation days are Colorado, Virginia, and Arizona with a usage of 20.3 days used.

North Dakota ranks at #33 with an average of 25.9 days earned and a usage of only 17.3 days or 61% of unused vacation days are left on the table every year.

According to the survey, people who use most or all of their time off are generally happier with their personal relationships and are happier with their health and well-being than those who do not take their PTO.

What are you waiting on? Schedule your vacation time or at least use your days to where you're not giving them back to your employer, which they will gladly take and continue to be happy you never leave the office.


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