The South Dakota State Fair in Huron, South Dakota scheduled for September 3rd to September 7th is ON as scheduled.  This comes as state fairs in North Dakota and Minnesota have already cancelled their states great get togethers.  Quite the statement to it's neighboring states, who have all but cancelled  even smaller state and county fairs. Even in North Dakota, smaller fairs, namely the Red River Valley Fair in Fargo is cancelled.

So, just how will South Dakota pull this off in this new world of COVID-19?  According to an article on Ag Update, certain events maybe scaled down to follow CDC guidelines.  “South Dakota continues to set the example of getting ‘Back to Normal’ and continuing opportunities for youth in our state,” Lieutenant Governor and Interim Secretary of Agriculture Larry Rhoden said in the article.  Organizers are also exploring options to add additional health measures and cleanings throughout the fairgrounds.

This will be the 135th year of the South Dakota State Fair and it's theme is "The Perfect Vision of Fun".  I myself applaud the effort of the South Dakota State Fair board and if they can stay within the CDC guidelines, why not make the effort?  State Fairs are such a big part of our Summers up here in the Midwest, and an important part of our psyche.  I myself believe we should've taken a more of a "wait and see" approach to all these events, instead of just flat out cancelling.  Even a scaled down event is better than nothing.  Bravo to South Dakota for making an attempt.

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