Sadly we really don't know our neighbors, do we?

I know there are many people who like to THINK they know all their surrounding immediate neighbors, BUT they don't. A shocking case in point took place ( and is still going on ) in Williston just recently. Think about waking up one day, driving to work, and hearing on the radio that someone in your apartment complex was found with almost 1,500 POUNDS of explosives in their garage. That would make anyone just a tad bit nervous, and it's still slowly developing. Here is what happened, according to "What started as a narcotics call Monday has led to a week-long effort of protecting the community from what they found during that search. It came as a surprise to the people living at The Retreat Apartments when bomb squad crews were called in to detonate explosives found in a garage, but the biggest surprise was just how much was inside, and how long it has taken to remove them" How creepy, I mean we kind of HOPE to take it for granted our neighbors are somewhat safe and law abiding. Pretty frightening to think you were going to bed at night with explosives so close to you.

As of today, one week later, there are STILL explosives on sight

The name of the suspect is 28-year-old Ross Petrie - employees from the apartment complex had a hunch that a narcotics lab was inside the garage, but they were wrong, there were TWO of them. It's a dangerous, tedius procedure that bomb squads are following as I speak, for there are still about 600 pounds left of explosives on site, and as you can well imagine, it's a little beyond scary thinking about what kind of damage could still occur if you stayed there, but all residents have been evacuated, and I'm quite sure they won't return until everthing is 100% cleared. Yikes!


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