I had the tremendous honor to have met this athlete a couple of months...

...there she was in our Bismarck Townsquare Media radio station's lobby. Her name is April Lund. I had no idea who she was, a very charming lady waiting to go on Super Talk 1270 - "Talk Of The Town" with Steve Bakken. After an extremely modest couple of minutes, I finally found out how talented and athletic she is.

The rule of thumb "Don't ever let someone's size and shape fool you" couldn't have been more true

A tiny frame with a heart of a champion, April is no stranger to the local running scene here in Bismarck, and actually has been featured in Runner's World,  back on July 8, 2019. I can relate to this woman, you see I ran 14 marathons in my career years ago, and this elite marathoner has also battled a demon called alcoholism. There is no cure for it, except the least complicated solution is "One day at a time" - April  - 2015 is her sobriety date - mentally staying sober is like a 26.2 race, for life - one step at a time. I started my journey on 2/17/09. We have a common bond for survival.

Addiction can propel you into exploring abilities you never imagined you had

This blonde attractive 40-year-old just broke the Women’s Track and Field 3,000-meter American record for women ages 40 to 44 at a meet in TORUŃ, POLAND. April not only represents long-distance running perfectly with the way she trains and races, but she is a role model for anyone, male or female,  that "starting your life over" is POSSIBLE, and to never give up.

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