We all had our eyes on the weather this week, starting as early as Monday...

...there were reports of some rain and showers coming our way ( Bismarck/Mandan ). Hey as long as it hits us before or after the traditional Band Parade scheduled for Friday ( yesterday ) night. With all the local high schools getting pumped up - excited to show off their school colors and their musical talents, the ONE thing that would put a halt to their marching was the darn rain - so chill out Mother Nature, and unload your wetness later.

Eckroth Music's Band Night Parade is legendary

Our very own Townsquare Media Bismarck/Mandan radio stations are always ready to roll, blaring our different genres of music - US 103.3/Hot 97.5/ Cool 98.7/ 96.5 The Walleye - passing out candy. The crowds are ALWAYS packed, lining both sides of the streets - all ages, waving flags and wearing HUGE smiles. It's a special feeling to be a part of it  - especially if you are in a band.

I ran into a member of the St. Mary's Central High Band the night before...

...she was so looking forward to the parade, but unfortunately, the rain came - stuck around through midday, and the radar was not cooperating one bit - the parade was officially canceled mid-afternoon. The VERY first thing I thought of was all the bands that had set their sights on this all year. Well, what can you do, right? WRONG

A brilliant idea was performed to perfection at Bismarck High

Let it rain, for it didn't dampen the spirits of some savvy resourceful, creative individuals. Check it out, according to kfyrtv.com "Wachter Middle Schoolers met up with students at Bismarck High School to play their instruments despite the rain"   - in the gym, protected from the grumpy weather, and BHS seniors enjoyed their last opportunity to march and for Wachter Middle Schoolers, this was their first - both schools, parents and everyone that were there beamed with pride - can't take that away from them Mother Nature.

Roxanne Marie Klein Bismarck High Facebook Page
Roxanne Marie Klein Bismarck High Facebook Page



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