One of the best additions to the Bis-Man area would be an indoor waterpark. We have some smaller indoor waterparks and we have a couple of outdoor ones but a huge indoor waterpark would be awesome. We could very easily do that. We'd need to build a building over Raging Rivers in Mandan, ND. It would be the perfect location and it could be used year-round.

Raging Rivers is only open a few months out of the year. If we enclosed the building, we would be able to use it year-round. Raging Rivers is a lot of fun and is a popular place in the Bis-Man area. Mandan has had Raging Rivers for many years and many people, myself included, love, going there. It's a lot of fun to go and enjoy the day at. I love going to waterparks and Raging Rivers is great I just wish it could be used year-round.

The waterpark has a Lazy River, Black Hole Tube Slide, River Run Tube Slide, Speed Slides, and an Aqua Play Area.  The whole waterpark is a lot of fun. Have you ever had the chance to go to Raging Rivers? Do you think enclosing the waterpark would be a good idea? I think it would be wonderful to be used year-round. The only thing the waterpark is missing is a hot tub and a flow rider. I think this would be the best idea for the area to be able to use it year-round. 


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