Have you ever flown out of the Bismarck Municipal Airport in the middle of winter? Have you ever had to have your plane deiced? You may have noticed the guy in the bucket of the deicing truck spraying the deicer on the airplanes. The guy looked like he was freezing being out in all the elements. Do you think it's time that we get an enclosed cab deicer?

I went to Texas the day the bad storm hit last week Tuesday, April 12, 2022, and I felt bad for the guy deicing the plane out in the elements. I've been to other states and they have an enclosed deicing machine. I think that would be the way to go because being out in the elements would not be so much fun. The guy that was in the bucket deicing did a great job considering how cold it was and how windy it was. I think that wouldn't be much fun being in the bucket in the elements and having the deicing chemical blow back in your face from the wind.

When I flew out of Minneapolis, Minnesota they actually had a deicing station where they had four of the deicing enclosed bucket machines. Do you think we should get an enclosed deicing machine? When it gets minus twenty-some below zero it wouldn't be very much fun being in the bucket. Do you think we need an enclosed deicing machine?


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