Have you ever wondered how much garbage gets put in a landfill each and every day? The Bismarck, North Dakota landfill is no different. The biggest issue that we have is the landfill is running out of space to put all the garbage. Many people throw their stuff away and don't think much of it after that. I think it would be great if we would start burning our garbage in the Bis-Man area. We could start using a garbage incinerator and saving space in the landfill and we could also create energy. 

That would be a two for one but the only issue is if we would burn garbage we create carbon dioxide. I think we need to start thinking of different ways to do different things to our garbage because the landfill is filling up way to fast. Do you think we should start burning our own garbage or do you have a better way? 

The landfill is filing up a lot faster than people think and that's even with people recycling things. I think the recycling is a great program and maybe we need to start recycling even more things. Some people don't recycle anything, they just throw it all in the garbage. All we need to do is make a few changes in our day to day lives. I personally think more recycling and using an incinerator is the way to go. What do you think is the best way to go?


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