Why do people have to throw garbage into the river? I went down to see the Abner O’Neal and as I was walking along the shore to go see it there were tires laying on the ground. The tires appear to have been in the water for some time and were only visible due to the low water. Why do people have to throw stuff like that into the water?

I hate seeing things like this when people don't want to pay to dispose of them at the dumps. People have been throwing items like this in our rivers, lakes, streams, and creeks for years. I think it's time we clean the waterways up. It wouldn't take much of an effort if someone sees garbage to pick it up. If we all work together it wouldn't really make much of an effort to clean all of this up.

I've always said it's not massive things we have to do to clean up the waterways just pick up garbage if you see it. I mean who throws tires into the river? We have a great river in the Bis-Man and surrounding areas we should keep it that way. I love being on the river and having fun I just don't like when people have to throw garbage into the river. Have you ever had to pick up after someone on the river? Have you seen a garage in the river?

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