Joe Burrows one of the NFL quarterbacks once lived in Fargo, ND and his dad coached for the NDSU Bison. I've always said it's all in the Fargo, ND water. You look right now at all the former NDSU players that are in the NFL. It really puts North Dakota on the map when we have players that are in the NFL.

NDSU is a great program and has had a long line of outstanding coaches. These coaches know how to get the players ready for the next step. NDSU has had a number of players go to the NFL. The most notable was Carson Wentz and it's all in that Fargo, ND water. I told a friend of mine that's a Fighting Hawk's fan that it's all in the Fargo, ND water how these players make it big. Her response was she drank the water once and grew Bison Horns.

It's awesome that Joe Burrows is playing at such a high level and that his dad used to coach for the NDSU Bison. It always seems that a lot of these big-time players always have a connection to Fargo, ND, and the NDSU program. I hope that Joe Burrows and the Cincinnati Bengals can win the Superbowl but a person never knows. I think it's the opportunity of a lifetime for any quarterback to get the chance to play in the Superbowl. Many have dreams of playing in the Superbowl but never make it.


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