According to a post in Bismarck People Reporting News, the landfill in North Bismarck was on fire. Many people were commenting on the initial post and had some people questening where the fire was at. The fire could be seen through the Bis-Man area as the smoke filled the air. The landfill is DB Landfill and is a privately owned landfill that's up by the Dakota Adventist Academy. According to the post the land fill had tires and windmill blades and other materials buried in it.

Most people didn't know that Bismarck has two landfills and most people only know about the Bismarck Landfill. The landfill also has a tire shredding shack and machine and they shred tires at the landfill. It's really sad to see this fire break out no one likes seeing anything on fire. The fire could be seen for miles and had many people on social media asking what is going on in North Bismarck. I was up by Best Buy and the fire looked like it was really close and that's due to the wind. The wind was horrible for anyone having to be out in it and didn't help the firefighters trying to put the fire out.

I didn't know about this landfill until a few years ago when a friend of mine took some items out to the landfill. I thought, like most people, that Bismarck only had one landfill. The other landfill is North of Bismarck and is the only privately owned landfill in the Bis-Man area. 


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