If you are like me, and you always have an eye to the sky, tonight is your night. 

According to an article on  c/net, tonight will be a peak night for you to observe shooting stars or meteors in the night sky.  As many as 100 per hour in fact.  That's a lot of "wishes" that could be granted tonight.

If you miss staying out late tonight, not to worry.

The Perseid meteor shower will continue to show off its "fireballs" for much of the month of August, however tonight is it's peak.  Simply put, this will be one of the best meteor showers of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, and that means us Bismarck Mandan.

The Perseid Meteor shower actually began in July but really amps up this week, and tonight is really the night to watch.  We have something going for us as well.  Bismarck Mandan is expecting clear conditions tonight weather wise.  We are also getting a break from the smoke from the western wildfires, that have been lingering now for about a month. Those two conditions should lead to an optimum viewing opportunity.

The reason why this meteor shower is called the Perseids, is that the meteors are believed to be coming from the Perseid's constellation according to the article.

According to NASA in the article, the best time to see the shooting stars would be in the pre-dawn hours, but you can see them as early as 10 pm.

I'm thinking a cold beer on the deck tonight about 10 pm and enjoy the show.

How about you?



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