Have you ever been to Sam's Club in Bismarck, ND? I was there a few days ago and to my surprise, they have an autonomous floor scrubbing machine. This has got to be one of the coolest things I've ever seen. It's not every day that you see one. I didn't even know that they made one. The biggest question that comes to mind is how autonomous are we going to get in the Bis-Man area.

The floor scrubbing machine would wait for people to get out of its way and it would keep on scrubbing. Many people were kind of scared of it as they’d never seen one before. They were worried the floor scrubber would run them over. It was definitely different seeing one if you've never seen one drive by itself before.

It seems like every year that we are becoming more computerized in the United States. These machines are cool but they do take away people’s jobs. I think the floor scrubber was cool and they had a character from Blue's Clues driving the floor scrubber.

Have you ever had the chance to see an autonomous floor scrubber before? If you own or owned a store, would you ever get one of these floor scrubbers? It would be cool to have one if you are short-handed, you just send the machine out to scrub the floors on its own. If you ever go into Sam's Club in Bismarck, ND you will have to look for it.


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