Is North Dakota "Nice" really a thing?  Granted I've lived all but a couple of years of my life in this great state, and without even looking at this survey, I would say, "Yes", we have to be one of the most polite states in country.  "Thank you", "Yes Mam", "No Thank You" and "How can I help you?" are just few of the common sayings you'll hear from strangers if you spend any amount of time in North Dakota.

It's not the same way in other states believe me.  If you've lived outside of North Dakota you know what I mean.  I spent some time in California and it's a whole different world.  People rarely great you, they never look you in the eye, and you're always looking over your shoulder to see who might be thinking of mugging you.  Yep, a whole different world outside of North Dakota.  Especially on the coasts.

According to a survey by YouGov, North Dakota is 3rd most "polite" state in the country.  Only Hawaii #1 and Vermont at #2 are "kinder".  Montana, South Dakota and Minnesota come in at 4,5 & 6 respectively.  In general, the Midwest has the kindest people in the country.  Hawaii has to be #1 because of the weather.  What do they have to be upset about right?  They're living in paradise.

So how about the rudest?  To me, people from the east coast have always seemed to have an attitude.  Apparently, I'm not the only one.  Rhode Island holds the title for the "Rudest" state, followed by Massachusetts, New Jersey, Nevada and Connecticut round out the the top 5 "nasty" states.  So what about California and New York?  Yep, they're up there.  #6 for the "Golden State" and #7 for "The Empire State."

Did I mention I'm glad I live here?  Even when the temp is  -26 like this morning.



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