Pet owners, how much time do you spend picking up or vacuuming that darn pet hair around your house?

What if you save that pet hair and turn it into a fashionable time piece? You can according to the Analog Watch Company. They are the company that came up with the hair brain idea of turning your pet's hair into a watch band.

For a cool $189, you can create a real, unique time piece that will always remind you of your loving pet. FUR-REAL!  They'll need about 2-4 oz. of your pet's hair in an air tight bag. You send it to them, and they say "the magic begins".  It'll take between 2-3 weeks for your time piece to be delivered. This line is called the companion colletion of watches. Made with love from the animal you love!

What's next? Luggage or maybe purses and maybe wallets. The possibilities are endless if you think about it.

The nice thing about this, is your pet doesn't have to be dead! You may have the strange urge to scratch behind your ears or possibly lick yourself while wearing the time piece.

You can get details here.


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