MANDAN, N.D. - According to KFRY-TV-The Rice Bowl in Mandan is planning to move out of the Mandan Morton Public Library sometime this summer.

Rice Bowl owner Sherry Zhuang says the library is expanding, so she decided that it's time to move the hotspot elsewhere.

Zhuang says the Rice Bowl has been a constant in her and her families lives for a long time.  It certainly has become a local favorite in Mandan.

“The Rice Bowl has been located above the library for about 20 plus years and our family has been running that since that," said Zhuang.  It's been a Mandan staple for a long time and the new location should create even more interest in this restaurant.

The location will be in a stand-alone building right across the street from the library. Ling says the restaurant will have a more modern look to it.

The new address is 107 4th Avenue North West in Mandan.

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