I recently binged the cable channel A & E's "The Secrets of Playboy." 

It focuses mostly on former Playboy centerfolds and their tell-all of what really went on behind closed doors at the Playboy mansion.

This is a 10-part documentary series that explores the hidden secrets of the Playboy empire.  The series takes you through the life of Hugh Hefner and how he changed the world with his views on power and sexuality.

When I was a young boy, I used to have a pretty impressive collection of Playboy magazines.

I found myself fascinated with the first two episodes of this series.  The majority of the girls featured didn't have a lot of positive things to say about their time with Hef and the mansion.

Holly Madison, a former "Hef girl" and part of the "Girls Next Door" TV show back in the day called it a "cult" like experience.  She also has a "tell-all" book she is trying to sell.

Watching this show got me thinking if we have ever had a girl from North Dakota that was featured as a Playboy centerfold.

After a little research, it was interesting to find out we've only had one woman from the Bison State grace the Playboy centerfold pages.  She's also from none other than Bismarck, North Dakota.  I'm speaking of Bismarck Century graduate Carmen Berg.  Still stunning today.

According to Wikipedia, Carmen Berg is the only Playboy playmate of the month from the state of North Dakota.  Carmen Berg was Miss July 1987 and was born in Bismarck back in 1963.  She now makes her home in California where she is a real estate agent.


I'm pretty sure I had her in my collection back in the day.  We had some pretty good hiding spots in our home growing up.  Anyway, here are Carmen's stats.  Her Playboy centerfold bio is courtesy of Playboy.


NAME: Carmen Berg

BIRTHPLACE: Bismarck, North Dakota USA

BUST: 35" C

WAIST: 23"

HIPS: 35"

HEIGHT: 5' 7"

WEIGHT: 115 lbs

AMBITIONS: To take every day of my life as it is, and to trust in God that it is just right, just what it needs to be for me.

TURN-ONS: Being loved.

TURNOFFS: Not being respected or appreciated.

FAVORITE PASTIMES: Snow skiing, riding horses, baking.

IDEAL MAN: A man who loves himself enough to become truly intimate with me.

FAVORITE PART OF THE DAY: I enjoy early mornings, going for walks with my dogs, seeing the sun come up, and taking time to meditate on the day ahead.

THINGS I ENJOY GIVING: Giving of myself to others through time, love, and money.

GOODIES I WANT OUT OF LIFE: The material side of me wants a red Porsche, designer clothes, and a lot of money!


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