If your lawn needs some additional help, this would be the week to seed it. 

We have rain in the forecast for Bismarck, Mandan, and Lincoln every day for the rest of the week, and into the weekend.  In fact, we could see some locally heavy rain once again tonight in the Bismarck Mandan area.

That's exactly what happened last night as a narrow band of strong thunderstorms rocked the Capital City. 

Thunderstorms developed along the Missouri River in South Dakota and quickly spread northward into North Dakota shortly after 6 pm on Tuesday night.  This time around, the east side of the river also received some locally heavy rain.

I threw out the first pitch at the Bismarck Larks Northwoods League baseball game last night right before the thunder, lightning, and rain hit the Municipal ballpark.  That was the only pitch thrown at the game as it would eventually be rained out.

Severe Thunderstorms Warnings were issued for parts of Burleigh, Morton, Grant, and Oliver Counties last night. 

Strong gusty winds, small hail, and heavy rain were reported.  Parts of south Bismarck even lost power for close to an hour on Tuesday night.

Here are your area rainfall totals for Tuesday, June 20th, according to weather.us.

3 miles northwest of Wilton-1.77 inches of rain.

Bismarck-.77 inches of rain.

Mandan-.53 inches of rain.

Lincoln-.93 inches of rain.

Menoken-.11 inches of rain.

Cannon Ball-2.5 inches of rain.

8 miles north of Ft. Yates-4.1 inches of rain.  (high watermark for the area)

Turtle Lake-.09 inches of rain.

6 miles northeast of Harvey-2.3 inches of rain.

Minot-.09 inches of rain.

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